Teaching Through Principles

Precise and Consistent Language

Amira Kunbargi


I wanted to reiterate the importance of precise and consistent language use and the impact this has when shaping the paradigms of our children-or for that matter any person.

Precision of language provides clarity to often ambiguous terms where meaning is taken for granted, For example, when a child behaves vulgarly we may retort with “have good adab” Although this is spoken in the affirmative (which is significantly more effective than speaking in the negative), our statement can have greater impact if more precise language is used, such as : “have grace in your movements” or “have gentleness in your tone” or “use proper language” You may not always succeed in altering the immediate behavior of your child; however, you will have shaped their definition of what good adab IS—and that will have a far reaching impact on your child.

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